How to take appointment?

You must remember, what price for every tattoo can be different. It all depends of a lot of factors – size (tattoo, and customers body), place design and another. If you have some tattoo on place where you wanna new one – you also must tell me about it before an attach some pictures.  Try to give me as many information, as possible.

Also, for me interesting your idea. I need to understand exactly what you like, and maybe you have some examples (photo of other tattoos). You must remember that I don’t repeat someone else’s work, and general part of my arts – freehand

After we have clarified all the details, then you pay the deposit, and we set a date for the booking. 

If you wanna order design

As I said earlier, general part of my arts- freehand (the exception – symmetrical geometric ornaments). That’s why I hardly ever take on custom designs at the moment. It also has to do with the fact that I sometimes spend more time on design than on tattooing. Therefore, each design order is considered separately, and its price will be almost the same as if I tattooed you.  We can discuss this by email at using contact form page.


Consultations very important for me to understand first of all what kind of person you are, as well as what kind of tattoo idea is in your head. I prefer to hold them in person at my studio, but if it is not convenient for you to come, you can arrange an online consultation at Zoom

Before Tattoo

It is important to remember that tattoos (especially large sessions) are not an easy process for your body. Try to get a good night’s sleep and eat well before the tattoo. Do not take alcohol or drugs the day before the session. I do not work with clients who came in under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you have any serious illness or health problems, allergies, you must inform me before the session. 

Bring something sweet (chocolate or candy). This will help relieve some of the pain. 

The tattoo is applied on a clean skin. Do not forget about hygiene. Also, if you have a lot of hairы on these areas, you can shave it off before the session. It will help save the time.

After tattooing

Tattoo healing takes 2 weeks (initial period) and up to 2 months (full healing period). During the entire period of tattoo healing, it is necessary to follow all the instructions that I urge you to follow. I prefer to heal a tattoo using either a cream or a healing film or spray.

The healing period of the tattoo in these cases is different, and depends on the amount of work, as well as the place of tattoo, and the time of the year.