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This Mammen Wolf tattoo is my version of Viking tattoo made in nordic style by free hand technique in Pradd Tattoo Studio 3

Mammen Wolf Tattoo

Mammen Wolf tattoo  This Mammen wolf tattoo is for my client from the USA. I made it in Norse tattoo style in the freehand technique. Here you can see an

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Wolf Sleeve

Wolf sleeve – traditional part of Nordic ornamentsand Nordic tattoos. It made in Blackwork and Dotwork style, by Pradd Tattoo

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Nordic ornament

Viking Sleeve

All freehand. This tattoo, we start near 2 years ago.
We started this tattoo with my client Jorgi two years ago. We started it with an ornament on the back, and continued with the sleeve. Since the client originally had old tattoos, we decided to integrate them into the new tattoo. Her ornament is made up of traditional symbols and runes.

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Dragon half sleeve - pradd tattoo
Nordic ornament

Dragon half sleeve

Dragon Half sleeve with Part of chest and back. All freehand
In this tattoo, my client did not want to use the whole arm, but only half of it, as well as part of the chest and back.

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