The Saga about Fenrir and Vidar is my vision of Viking tattoo made in Neo-Nordic style with dotwork techniqe in Pradd Tattoo studio

Blackwork Saga about Fenrir and Vidar

It's my vision of the Saga of Fenrir and Vidar made in the Blackwork technique in Neo-Norse Style in the Pradd Tattoo Studio

The Saga about Fenrir and Vidar 

I would like to introduce you one of my favorite blackwork sleeve tattoo. It dedicated to two of the main figures of the day of Ragnarök — the day when according to the Viking mythology the end of the world started. 

The prophecy of the Norns prophecy says that on the day of Ragnarök Fenrir the wolf will kill Odin and after that Vidar, the Norse god of revenge and silence, will kill Fenrir. 

Ancient people associated Vidar with energy of nature. He lived in a wild impassable wood and noone could reach it. Vidar was a tall and beautiful man who weared armor and a big sword. Besides he had a leather shoe that had protected Vidar from Fenrir. Fenrir opened its month and Vidar put his shoe into it. Fenrir was desable to close its jaws and Vidar catching  the wolf’s month killed him. 

This god survived the day of Ragnarök and ruled in the new world. 

I’ve chosen two colors for this tattoo a few shades of black and the brick color. But suddenly the EU changed its paints law and I had no chance to add any contrast red shade into the main part of the tattoo made in the Neo-Nordic Style, the Dotwork|Blackwork Ornamental technique. 

Also I should mention that I implemented the ornaments composed by the bind-runes. It helped to create a contrast between smooth weaves anf strict geometric ornaments as an addition to classic nordic binds. 

My favorite part in this tattoo is the wrist. After the recovery there was no need for correction that surprised me really much. 

I used: 

  • Tattooo machine: Stigma Force (@stigmarotary) 
  • Incs: Haritomo Sumi Set ( @thesolidink ) and brick red (@fusion_ink) 
  • Needles: 0,25 mm 5 rlxt and 14 rlmt from tatsoul (@envyneedles)

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Studio : Pradd Tattoo (Barcelona)

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