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Dotwork is a particular style of body painting in which the design consists of a large number of dots. The difference of style Dotwork from others is that the main role in it is given to a very strict ornaments and geometric shapes.

Dotwork in another way called pointillism or a dot technique. The main elements, small dots, are applied in strict accordance with a certain interval. Basically, Dotwork is used in cases where the picture, limited by the contour, you want to make a darker color. The higher the density of the dots, the darker the shade. In other words, the dots create the shape and make the tattoo more contrasting and saturated. An interesting fact is that this technique is used by many professionals as a standalone and is the basis of many tattoos.

It is believed that the Dotwork technique was invented by the Englishman Xed Le Head. At least, that is his personal claim. If he’s being a bit sly, there is no doubt that it was he who brought the technique to enormous popularity: nowadays the trend is as inseparably linked to Xed le Head’s name as jeans are to Levi Strauss. In the 1990s, Xed was the first to start tattoos in the form of a repeating ornament using only geometric figures.

Needless to say, elements of the Dotwork style appeared much earlier. Even African tribes, as well as Tibetan and Indian monks used it, but the popularity of the style of Dotwork received only thanks to Xed Le Hed. His work is simply amazing, and the black and white dots dance just amazes and delights.

Tattoos in the style of Dotwork can be done in almost any color scheme, as nothing can prevent real masters to strive for perfection. In spite of this, as the main colors still remain red and black. Using only these two colors the masters are able to create volume and saturation, which allows seeing the initial idea of the client in the ready work. Fulfillment of a tattoo in Dotwork style is a difficult and laborious work, but after all the result is simply stunning.


Snake sleeve tattoo

Snake sleeve tattoo it,s my vision of Nordic tattoo, what was created in Nordic style with dotwork techniqe in Pradd Tattoo studio

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Dragon on fist

Dragon on fist – this is Dragon in Nordic ornament, what was created in Dotwork and Blackwork technique in Pradd Tattoo studio

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Wolf Sleeve

Wolf sleeve – traditional part of Nordic ornamentsand Nordic tattoos. It made in Blackwork and Dotwork style, by Pradd Tattoo

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Nordic tattoo LOTR 3

Lord of the Rings sleeve

Lord of the rings sleeve – my new project what was created in traditional nordic style, with dotwork and blackwork styles. Check Pradd Tattoo

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