Etchnic Maori Sleeve 1

Maori sleeve

This is my vision of Maori Ethnic ornament. Maori - one of most interesting style from Blackwork and Ornamental tattoos.

I present to your attention my work made in the Maori style. This is the author’s vision of this style, without trying to use authentic elements. Maori ornaments and tattoos are some of the most interesting ethnic styles that still survive on our planet and are actively developing
I do not often work in this style, but I can note that I really like it for its simplicity and at the same time versatility. One of the most ideal styles that can emphasize the human anatomy. A versatile style suitable for both brutal men and gentle girls. Unique in its contrast, elements.
But more importantly, its history. And I am frankly happy that the Maori tribes have not forgotten their culture and history.


Studio : Pradd Tattoo (Barcelona)

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