Category: Ethnic ornament

I put ethnic ornamentation in a separate category only because Northern ornamentation is the main art for me. But also, I like to work in different styles. Maori, Tai, India, and so on. The indigenous ornaments are so different and interesting that I can’t help but pay attention to them. They are Closely related to history and the development of cultures and the formation of nations. They are all very different. So much so that I am constantly interested in studying them. 

If you have the same interest in creating an ethnic tattoo, I would be happy to help you put your ideas into life. 



Dragon on fist

Dragon on fist – this is Dragon in Nordic ornament, what was created in Dotwork and Blackwork technique in Pradd Tattoo studio

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Wolf Sleeve

Wolf sleeve – traditional part of Nordic ornamentsand Nordic tattoos. It made in Blackwork and Dotwork style, by Pradd Tattoo

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Etchnic Maori Sleeve 1
Ethnic ornament

Maori sleeve

This is my vision of Maori Ethnic ornament. Maori – one of most interesting style from Blackwork and Ornamental tattoos.

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