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It is a separate type of ornamental tattoo based on the reconstruction of Viking tattoos (and in general the tribes living in northern Europe) and art. 

We do not know for certain the reality of Viking tattoos. But we can imagine what they might have been. There are a huge number of material sources, artifacts that we can use as an example when designing. Mostly we can see them in jewelry, wood carvings, and stone carvings. 

Also because of the Norse mythology preserved in legends, we can create tattoos with a storyline that tells us about Gods and Heroes and historical events. Or vice versa, it can be just your imagination. 

This type of tattoo I perform mainly in the style of Dotwork and Blackwork . But we can also use any colors you want. 

I can recommend this style for both men and women. It can be very diverse, and emphasize both femininity and brutal masculinity! 


Snake sleeve tattoo

Snake sleeve tattoo it,s my vision of Nordic tattoo, what was created in Nordic style with dotwork techniqe in Pradd Tattoo studio

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Dragon on fist

Dragon on fist – this is Dragon in Nordic ornament, what was created in Dotwork and Blackwork technique in Pradd Tattoo studio

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Wolf Sleeve

Wolf sleeve – traditional part of Nordic ornamentsand Nordic tattoos. It made in Blackwork and Dotwork style, by Pradd Tattoo

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Nordic tattoo LOTR 3

Lord of the Rings sleeve

Lord of the rings sleeve – my new project what was created in traditional nordic style, with dotwork and blackwork styles. Check Pradd Tattoo

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Nordic ornament

Viking Sleeve

All freehand. This tattoo, we start near 2 years ago.
We started this tattoo with my client Jorgi two years ago. We started it with an ornament on the back, and continued with the sleeve. Since the client originally had old tattoos, we decided to integrate them into the new tattoo. Her ornament is made up of traditional symbols and runes.

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