Dragon ornament-nordic tattoo

Dragon ornament - nordic tattoo. This is my freehand desig of Nordic ornament in dotwork style, what was created in Pradd Tattoo

I am pleased to present to you my vision of a nordic ornament, on my client’s chest. This is one of my favorite projects, as it consists of large details, as well as using contrasting colors – red and black.
My client asked for a dragon head on his chest, with runes that would make up his son’s name.
I cannot tell you the specific style of ornamentation. Rather, it is a stylization of the general appearance of nordic ornamentation. But the inlaid ornamentation is composed on the basis of typical jewelry (such as rings) as well as knife ornaments and so on.
My concern was the healing of the red color. More precisely, brick-brown. And to my good fortune, the healing went great.

In used inks from Solif Ink, Black Stallion

Tattoo machines: Sidewinder V3R from Workhorse Irons and Dan Kubin


Studio : Pradd Tattoo (Barcelona)

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