Saga about family – sleeve in nordic style

Saga about family - this is tattoo in nordic style, what was created in dotwork and blackwork ornamental technique by Pradd Tattoo

I’m happy to introduce you to one of my favorite projects.
I started this project back in Germany and finished it in Spain. My client approached me with the idea of a tattoo that would depict a family. But – the husband in Valhalla and the wife and her son in Helheim. And it’s very hard for them without each other, and they’re still trying to be together.
The tattoo is done in Dotwork technique. Fully freehand. I chose the Borre style as the basis. Since it seemed to me the most appropriate in this matter due to its simplicity and texture.
In this case, the sleeve is not full (at the request of the customer), only 3 / 4. But it seems to me a very interesting size.
I used inks from Lauro Paolini as well as I AM INK Black Sumi diluted with Proton dilution liquid.
Needles 0.25 5RLLT extra tight and 11RL
What do you think about it?

Studio : Pradd Tattoo (Barcelona)

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