Sleipnir shoulder tattoo by Pradd

Sleipnir shoulder tattoo

Sleipnir shoulder tattoo is my variant of Nordic tattoo made in Nordic style with dotwork techniqe in Pradd Tattoo studio

Sleipnir, Odin’s eight-legged horse, a child of Loki, covers Lisa’s shoulder. 

Lisa is a talented reenactor and teacher from Germany. We have been planning to make this tattoo for a couple of years and finally we met in 2022.

I have to say for all years of my career I’ve had quite a little experience with the horse tattoos. That’s why I concentrated on making the horse silhouette very precise. It was quite difficult to place all eight legs harmoniously but we succeed. 

I chose the Neo-Nordic Style for Sleipnir shoulder tattoo and implemented some elements from Mammen and Ringerike ones. The whole tattoo is made by the freehand technique.

I used the 11 rl 0,35 medium tape needles for the lines and 5 rl 0,25 mm Extra tight needles  for the points. 

Inks: Pantera ink (Gold edition, and Medium and Dark graywash)

Studio : Pradd Tattoo (Barcelona)

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