Snake sleeve tattoo

Snake sleeve tattoo it,s my vision of Nordic tattoo, what was created in Nordic style with dotwork techniqe in Pradd Tattoo studio

We started this tattoo in France about 2 years ago in Baron Noir Studio (Bordeaux). Now we’ve finished it Pradd Tattoo Studio in Barcelona,
It began as a cover-up for an old tattoo idea.

As I can remember there was a terrible tattoo in the tribal style that has been made so badly that it caused a scar after the recovery process on Charlie’s schouler

We have finished this tattoo (sleeve, breast and shoulder blade ) for 7 sessions.

The serpent has become the basis of this tattoo. It has been made in nordic ornamental style based on the Mammen style without any original story.

We’ve used the blackwork spiral around the forearm and light in contrast ornamental that seems an interesting solution made by the free hand technique.

Inks: Haritomo Sumi Set and Black Stallion

How do you find it?

Studio : Pradd Tattoo (Barcelona)

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