Wolf Sleeve

Wolf sleeve - traditional part of Nordic ornamentsand Nordic tattoos. It made in Blackwork and Dotwork style, by Pradd Tattoo

I did this sleeve for about 5 full sessions in Germany (Munich). My client, wished for a wolf tattoo in a northern tattoo. Which I attempted to do.
There are two masks of the gods, Odin and Thor, on the shoulders of the wolf. And on the wrist a certain runic text, the content of which was conceived by the client.
I tried to make the tattoo as simple and large in detail as possible. The style of the ornament is close to the Mammen style.
Also in this tattoo I tried to play with contrasting details as much as possible. Light and dark parts. Your comments you can leave in the comments section below.


Studio : Pradd Tattoo (Barcelona)

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